I'm professionally a web application developer, but I also have a strong interest in game development and all forms of new technologies and languages.

This site allows me to keep track of all that I've delved into and the challenges I've faced while tinkering around (isn't that the fun part?).

Development Stack

Languages/Libraries: C#, VB.NET, HTML/CSS, javascript/jquery, AngularJS, XML, JSON.NET

CodeVisual Studio 13/15/17 [w/ Resharper], WebStorm, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, LINQPad, Brackets, Unity3D

Design: NClass/StarUML

Database: SSMS, Datagrip, DBSchema

Project Management: Confluence, JIRA, TFS

Version Control: TFS, GIT [w/ TortoiseGIT]

Misc: NotePad++, Trello

Research Queue

MEAN, ASP.NET Core, ECMAScript 2015 (ES6), RESTful Web Services, Node/Express, React, Bootstrap, HTML5 Canvas/WebGL, Android Development [w/ Kotlin/Java], Phaser, Adobe Illustrator, In-depth Regular Expressions, CocoonJS/Apache Cordova