Spiff Spacely Saves The Universe

Spiff Spacely Saves the Universe is a personal project that I worked on a for a few years with a team of 6. Another programmer and I were responsible for all programming-related tasks and were supported by 2 artists, a game designer, and a writer.

The majority of my responsibilities included implementing most of the user interface assets and functionality, combat, and an entity/item database with XML files. 

I also organized weekly sprints with JIRA; maintained the Confluence project site; handled all team recruitment efforts; and recorded/edited and wrote meeting notes for our weekly Skype meetings.

Primary Technologies/Languages: C#, XML, Unity3D (game engine)

Frameworks/Libraries: StrangeIOC (inversion of control framework), NGUI (user interface framework)

Tools: JIRA (sprints), Confluence (project site), TortoiseGIT (version control), NClass/StarUML (diagrams)



Asteroid Miner Lite

Asteroid Miner Lite is an Asteroids clone developed by another programmer and I. The goal of the game is to quickly go through levels; shoot asteroids and collect gems; and destroy various types of alien enemies.

Development: MonoDevelop, Unity3D, C#

Additional Screenshots (some assets were cut from the final game):

Game Videos -



Space Station: